About Us


Grasland is a marketing company which markets agricultural lime of four lime producing entities. It makes use of independent representatives as well as representatives from various agricultural businesses to market the lime products country wide. Grasland is now a mature business which is managed with sound business principels and provides undeniably valued products for its clients.

Description of the Business

Grasland was founded in 1967 by five of the biggest agricultural co-operatives to supply agricultural lime to their members at the lowest possible price and thereby influencing the agricultural lime trade to ensure competitive prices for agricultural lime. Much has changed since the original strategy was formed and Grasland is now managed with sound business principels to provide sustainable products and revenue to its clients and outstanding returns to shareholers. Grasland has a proud history of integrity, accountability, innovation, business orientation, self-motivation and loyalty. The business is focused on sustainable value-adding and delivers competitive products to its marketplace. 

Industry & Market Position

The agricultural lime industry is very closely linked to the fertilizer industry in South Africa. The sales of agricultural lime are initiated by sales representatives and agronomists of the fertilizer industry. The representatives and agriculturalists are paid a commission for sales of agricultural lime successfully completed. This is a mutually beneficial situation since the lime industry saves money by not duplicating personnel in the field and lime enhance the efficiency of fertilizer on acidic soils.

Grasland is a member of the Fertilizer Association of Southern Africa (FERTASA) which is an article 21 Company that runs the generic affairs of the Fertilizer and Agricultural lime industry of Africa.

Company values

The underlying corporate values is the foundation of the business approach of Grasland:


Foundational values

 §  integrity and honesty

§  innovation

§  customer orientation

§  commitment

§  enthusiasm

§  responsiveness

We base our success on:

§  Seeing our client’s needs as first priority

§  Striving to deliver outstanding products and service

§  Being on the forefront of the latest relevant and applicable technology

§  Having innovative and resourceful attitude and focus

§  Focusing on partnering with outstanding agricultural- and industrial companies who are regarded as leaders in their field