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Products: Dolomitic-, Calcitic lime and Gypsum blends.

Britten is situated on the farm Kareepan 298 which is situated halfway between Bloemhof en Christiana in the North West Province.  An excellent quality dolomitic and calcitic agricultural lime is produced.  The source is very strategically situated for the grain producing areas of NW Free State and the south-western areas of the North West Province. GrassTop20, which is an 80/20 dolomitic lime and gypsum blend, is produced here and is very popular with producers with sub soil acidity concerns. The Nut-Cal50 was developed for peanut producers who needs extra Calcium during the peg stage and pod development of peanut production. It is a 50/50 blend of calcitic lime and gypsum which is prepared mostly for producers during December to February.  


Registered Analysis

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Calcitic lime

CaCO3 - 60%; MgCO3 - 12%


Dolomitic lime

CaCO3 - 52%; MgCO3 - 18%





20% Potchefstroom Gypsum / 80% Britten Dolomite mix


50% Potchefstroom Gypsum / 50% Britten Calcite mix

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